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Firstly you will need to create a script to speak to your linux server with the hpacucli utility installed from your Nagios / Check_MK server.

Dec 22, 2017 · Hi folks, i am gathering few information here to expand an ESXi host that is standalone server. It is a HP proliant server with RAID 5 and i have ordered additional disk to expand the existing RAID. I am wondering if there is anyway for me to expand it without downtime? Or if this not possible with Mar 06, 2018 · Checking disks root@linux:~ # hpacucli ctrl all show config Smart Array P410i in Slot 0 (Embedded) (sn: 5001438013682F50) array A (SAS, Unused Space: 0 MB) logicaldrive 1 (136.7 GB, RAID 1, OK) phy… ## 논리 드라이브의 상태 표시 hpacucli> ctrl slot=0 ld 4 show status hpacucli> ctrl slot=0 ld 4 modify reenable forced ## 장애 드라이브를 다시 활성화 5) RAID 레벨 구성하기 1개의 드라이브를 사용하여 RAID 0으로 논리 드라이브를 만듭니다. hpacucli> ctrl slot=0 create type=ld drives=1:12 raid=0 2 hpacucli ctrl slot=1 pd 2I:1:1 show Smart Array P222 in Slot 1 unassigned physicaldrive 2I:1:1 Port: 2I Box: 1 Bay: 1 Status: OK Drive Type: Unassigned Drive Interface Type: SATA Size: 2 TB Rotational Speed: 7200 Firmware Revision: HPG1 Serial Number: BLAH Model: ATA MB2000GCVBR SATA NCQ Capable: True SATA NCQ Enabled: True Current Temperature Hpacucli> ctrl slot=0 create type=ld drives=1:12 raid=0. Again, the advice of someone who doesn’t know what he talks about. With that command, you activate the write cache ON THE DISKS, which isn’t protected by anything.

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Press Ctrl + F5 to delete the page's temporary files and refresh the page. Excel: press and hold the ALT GR key, and then press Q to type the at sign. Can I use my keyboard as a mouse? ( 0). To drop (release the left mouse button), press period or decimal point ( .). note: The speed of the mouse pointer might be slow after first Hello , I am using coreos (now - Container Linux) version 1520.8.0 (coreos.com) , as the operating system on bare metal.I want to monitor the raid status.Bascially on centos 7 we have install hpacucli montoring tool which gives the output by hpacucli ctrl …

The command contains as usual the command “controller” and the slot of the controller. The command “create” will instruct hpacucli to create a new raid. The create command needs additional parameters. The type of device to be created “type=ld” where ld stands for “logical drive” The drives which need to be passed as a list of

Drive Type: Data Drive Interface Type: SAS Size: 146 GB Rotational Speed: 10000 Firmware Revision: HPD6 Serial Number: Model: HP DG0146FARVU Current Temperature (C): 29 Maximum Temperature (C): 36 PHY Count: 2 PHY Transfer Rate: Unknown, Unknown. Remove Spare from Array A Logical Disk 1. ctrl slot=1 array A ld 1 remove spares=all Jul 11, 2012 Apr 14, 2011

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Firstly you will need to create a script to speak to your linux server with the hpacucli utility installed from your Nagios / Check_MK server. Nov 04, 2019 Jun 13, 2013 Aug 19, 2013 Nov 11, 2014 Feb 19, 2013